Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My first post!!

I am so excited!! This is my very first blog post for my very own knitting blog! I've been wanting to set up a blog for quite awhile, however after reading so many others I felt like anything I could do would be inferior to theirs. I am so over that. If no one wants to read my blog, then I will read it :)

So I guess I will start off with an introduction. This whole obsession started about 8 months ago, on Black Friday. A small group of friends and I went into the city (Chicago) for a market type thing and ice skating. At the market there was a booth of handmade scarfs from Peru. They were pretty, and to the untrained eye it seemed awesome that someone had made them. I was off in the distance talking to a friend about what to get everyone for christmas on my tight budget, while watching all of the girls go absolutely NUTS over these scarves. And then I remembered when I traveled to Chile and the girls went crazy over all the hand knit scarves, hats, gloves, leg warmers, ect. The wheels turned and I decided to learn how to knit. I thought I could make scarves for all my close friends for christmas, and while it was a cheap gift, I knew it would require time and they would appreciate that just as much, if not more.

And so I taught myself to knit. And I love the hobby, and it has led me down so many different avenues, all of which will be discussed here!

So first on the agenda is what is on my needles at the moment. I am making a bib for my friend's baby shower in august.

So far I love the pattern and it is a semi-quick knit. The stitching is in k1, p1 for the whole thing, so that is making it more time consuming than if it were just garter stitch. But I think this stitching is more elegant so it is worth the extra time.

I have also been spending my time plying some yarn and I finally finished the first skein. It is only like 170 yards or so, but there is A LOT more plying to be done.

It is 75% Silk and 25% cotton. Sadly it feels more like cotton than silk, however it might soften up after I ply it some more. I have to check the gauge but at the moment I think it is a very very very lightweight lace which I have no use for. It will probably get plyed w/ at least 2nd if not a 3rd strand. I am hoping to make a few skeins of sockweight and maybe even a skein of a heaver laceweight. Also the color is a yellowish/goldish color which is muted in the picture and I really don't care for it. Eventually I am going to try and overdye it with some red dye to make it slowly turn from the yellow to orange to red. We will see.